Monday, February 9, 2015

Connor at Five

At five years old, Connor loves playing with his matchbox cars and playing outside. Loves playing in the snow and with his best friend, Ella.

He just started writing his name and other letters. He loves to listen to books read to him and is always up for a snuggle! He often crawls into bed with us around 7 each morning to get in a cuddle before getting up for the day.

He's a sweet, sweet boy who loves animals of all kinds and exploring the outdoors whenever possible! Hard to believe he'll start Kindergarten in the Fall. Where has the time gone??

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Ella at 7 Years Old

At 7 years old (and 3 months) Ella loves:

Ballet, reading Judy Moody and really anything else she can get her hands on.
She's empathetic, loving towards her brother and is always ready to try new things!
She started playing softball in a clinic and has lost eight baby teeth( one loose one now)!
Her favorite foods are watermelon, tacos and chili.

She's a quiet learner at school, but is confident when sharing her ideas and work with her classmates.

Her friends right now are Fiona, Olivia and Amelia and cousin Ava and Connor(of course!)

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Five and Seven

How can they be five and seven? We celebrated with a family party at auntie Heather's house, and presents with Nanny and Bubba and cake, of course on each actual birthday. Connor loves legos right now and got a huge Lego fire truck which he has been enjoying putting together....and Ella got her ears pierced! A big girl....:(
I really want time to slow down, we no longer have babies in this house. :(

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet boy

Connor is such a sweet, gentle soul. I want to remember the days of him tucking his baby into bed( really is Ella's baby)... I know it won't last forever.

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Ella made her first recipe on her own

Baked apples at the cabin
She followed the directions from start to finish. They turned out so good!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

1st Grade and Preschool

Time is flying by...Connor learned to swim with his face in the water today and Ella has lost eight baby teeth. Slow down and let me enjoy every moment! Off to first grade and second year of preschool they go...

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It was like life came full circle... Taking Ella to visit calm and climb Mt. Rattlesnake. Just the two of us enjoying the special time together and the special place that is so much of who I am today...

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